How do you learn to be as still and focused as this cat?

You’ve heard me talk about stillness before and how it is one of the key skills all actors and performers need to develop. Well, this cat video is a perfect example of stillness – (OK, that and an excuse to post a cat video to my blog) – BUT – what’s going on here is an incredible display of focus and concentration. So, despite what is actually going on internally for this cat, externally he/she is presenting an incredible level of commitment, focus and concentration – which is exactly what you should be aiming for in your training and performance. Take in information, but don’t let your concentration falter! (OK, OK, I know the cat is just transfixed thinking about fish, but indulge me!)

So how can you learn these crucial performance skills? By dedicated, Suzuki-based training!

The last five week Integrated Actor Training course for 2017 commences Tue, 14 November.

BOOK NOW via the Classes page so you can learn to be as still and focussed as kitty!

Video credit: Cat Planet (Facebook Group)

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