The Art of Practicing

Hi all! This article by Penelope Trunk from Business Insider covers an important issue when it comes to regular training. Trunk states that “boredom in practice comes from a lack of engagement” and provides suggestions on how to remedy disengagement through developing the art of practicing.

When you are engaged with training that requires repetition, as most training does, it’s important to find ways of engaging anew with each practice session; to be in the moment and explore the profound meaning inherent in the work.

As time goes on your engagement will become more sophisticated and rewarding, but this only comes through dedication and discipline, qualities that can only come from yourself. I can give you the tools to learn, I can teach you how to do things, but I cannot provide the inner fire that motivates you to learn. Those are qualities you need to find yourself.

The process of learning holds great rewards for those who dedicate themselves to that process, rather than just the end goals.

“Take joy in the process itself.”

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