Oozing glamour, parody, schmooze and dysfunction, The Brides of Frank were a dynamic ensemble of artists, dancers and actors who created satirical comedy performances strongly influenced by popular culture, music and personae; a genre aptly described as ‘precision-camp’.

Throughout the 2000’s, The Brides became one of Queensland’s most significant independent theatre companies.

Neridah Waters, Leah Shelton, Lisa O’Neill, Caroline Dunphy and Emma Louise Pursey met through their work with Frank Theatre and engaged the intensity of their Suzuki training and strong ensemble-based work ethic to create dynamic, physical-based comedy performances designed to subvert and satirize pop culture.

The Brides are currently on hiatus while each member pursues their independent work across the globe.

Here are a few Brides videos with exerpts from their full length show ‘Til Death Do Us Part

The Brides of Frank Montage:

Smash Up The Fifties:

White Wedding:

Video editing credit: Jackie Ryan (aka creator of Burgerforce)

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